...when the product is frozen

...when the product is on the move

...when the product is sensitive

...when HACCP is applied

...when the product is valuable



Loggers for temperature and humidity suitable for use in refrigerators, freezers, trucks, warehouses and wherever temperature logging is required.

They free you from the continuous recording of temperatures in paper and simplify compliance with HACCP standard with regard to temperature and humidity.

It's easy to use. Using the software that is free and available through our website, you can adjust the the frequency of recording. The whole process is done by the software.

Place the recorder in the room you want. All measurements are stored in memory. The results of the inventory are presented in tables and graphs on the computer with details like date time temperature, etc.

At ThermoLog we know the food process well and can offer you the best solution for your application. Just contact us and find out more about our products and how they can help your company perform better and more efficiently.

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We are engineers in the field of quality for over a decade and we know well the needs of modern businesses.



Applications: Food & Beverages, Human Sciences, Industry, Medicine, Environment, Food transportation



Software for downloading for all of our products. Compatible with all Windows versions, including Windows 10


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Loggers have manufacturer’s warranty. They are certified for compliance with CE and ROHS.

They are accompanied by good operation and accuracy certification from the manufacturer. The accompanying software is provided free of charge through our website. For warranty issues please refer directly to the manufacturer through his website.